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As Fall is here, here are a couple of things I enjoy the months before the first snowfall. Autumn makes me want to cuddle up in one of my micro fleece blankets with a cup of hot apple cider. In the fall season everything is apple flavored. If you were to give me a choice of what food I would choose to eat everyday for the rest of my life, it would be Granny's apples! I don't know where this love affair started but It is definitely a staple in my life! So as the leaves start changing colors, my family goes to an apple orchard to pick apples. In Stores, apple flavored everything hits the shelves and most of them ended up in my shopping cart. Tip: For those Caribou Lovers out there you have to try : Hot Apple Blast. Trust me in this one, it is Heaven in your MOUTH!

 I love having bonfires, smores, wearing comfy clothes, and cute boots. All these things just make you feel cozy! Just this past weekend I was able to snuggle up with my hubby at our small backyard bonfire and talk about what we want to happen in the next couple of months. I don't know why but fall and summer beaches are really the only times bonfires are appropriate to me. 

 There has also been new TV series I have really started to love which is Scream Queens on FOX. Scream Queens is basically Glee humour and American Horror Story's horror. It keeps me laughing and asking...Who is the Red Devil!? #Stillwaitingformychaneloween


A couple of details that I love about my 2015 fall - I finally got the Brownlee Kelly moore bag! I am so in love with it that I am just excited for my next photo shoot so that I can use it!
Lastly this fall marked my one year anniversary with my hubby. I got to say I love being married to him. This year's anniversary ended up being a two day celebration with good food, funs cards, and us finding our dream couch that we cannot afford. And the whole time an am thinking I am so grateful that this man is mine.

There is no such thing as a bad cozy
— Marcus Ray