Keep Growing | One Year Into It | Personal

My first official year in business will soon be drawing to a close.
It has been a whirlwind of emotions. excitement, nerves,joy,discouragement.  I have meet a lot of new people and I have reached out to a lot of new people. 
I bought all my dream gear to help me improve on my own skills, I invested in my education and classes and Youtube has become a new best friend. i guess at this point I was just hoping to already have 30+ weddings lined up for next year like other stories I have heard of again and again. It doesn't always feel like my work is being seen or even liked. But Some of the greats in the photo biz say to have patience and to have grit. So for right now that is what I will do, wear my patience, keep practicing, keep improving, and keep going. Photographing people is something I truly love and believe that all the hard work in building myself and my skill will be worth it. Even if it is still just my Hubby liking my photos on Facebook.