Adventure To Affordable Bridesmaid Dresses | Wedding Tips | For the Bride

When I got married I was coming right out of college with little money and a piece of paper proving I survived the last four years. When I started hunting for bridesmaids dresses I knew what I wanted but I just had to find it for an affordable price,knowing that my lovely ladies where just as poor as me. I knew I didn't want my bridesmaids to pay for a dress I wouldn't spend my money on, so I looked for sites to help stay within my budget and theirs.

These are some of the sites I would suggest to take a look at that are budget friendly for everyone but not giving up on looking amazing!
The first time I was ever a bridesmaid was for my friend's Michigan wedding. She found cute Jessica Simpson teal dress for under $ 40 dollars for each dress. They have all kinds of dresses to choose from , from all different high end designers. I have used it several times for shoes as well ( I purchased my wedding shoes from Betsy Johnson's something blue collection). Pros: budget friendly, great customer service, variety, designer Cons: limited number, constantly changing products.
With etsy you can find some truly beautiful pieces that can make details on your bridesmaids dress that you won't find in retail stores. This gives a more homemade feel where you can ask for exactly how you pictures it without giving up in small ways.
Pros: custom made, variety, unique details Cons: false advertising (check the reviews before purchasing)
One of the issues with bridesmaids dresses is asking yourself when will i every wear this again;with your dress being a renting option, you dont have to worry about making extra closet space! The site rents beautiful designer dresses affordable to the public and the dresses have a red carpet feel. When looking at the reviews you can see photo reviews that allows you to see how the dress fits real people, not just the model in the photo. One of the more glamorous of the few , the also gives you a free extra size just in case. This site will also have you looking for your dress for your engagement photos! 
Pros: high-end dresses, Renting, free shipping for return, stylist option Cons: Price little higher for just renting.

These sights are worth checking out to help out your bridesmaids save while still looking fabulous on the wedding day!