Fourth Of July Weekend | Sanchez Adventures | Personal

A four day weekend really suites me! At least this is what I found out of the fourth of July weekend. The Waits family is a family of many annual traditions; I think it was more things that worked so well we just kept doing them throughout the years.  Some of my favorites are religiously attending the Minnesota State Fair, boating on the Fourth of July, apple picking in the fall, running to the Christmas tree. ( I wrote a whole blog post with a couple of others which you can click HERE to read)

My family had plans to lay low for the fourth of July this year. Everyone in Minnesota was out and about all weekend! We were able to stretch a couple of events over the last couple of days making for an epic weekend.

Sunday - Every Independence Day weekend our church has the service outside on the front lawn! And I am pretty sure half of the congregation would leave the church is there was not picnic to follow. After we got home we packed up and headed to the boat. The Saint Croix was bustling with boats, flamingo floaties, jetskiis, and kayaks. Sunburn and filled with pizza, we sat on Hudson beach and watched the fireworks for Booster Days.

Monday - My sister Summer was having her makeup done at Sepora in the morning for her shooting in the afternoon. So I got a little window shopping  done ad when we got home we started shooting her! Once that was all done as a family we drove over to the Lake Harriott Band-shell to listen to the Minnesota Orchestra for some patriotic music!

Tuesday morning Marcus and I picked up dad and spent the morning in Afton for the annual parade they have there! One of the floats was a wedding one where several couple volunteered and you got married right in the middle of the parade! What a cool idea!! 
in the evening we headed home sat around the table and just enjoyed each others company!

It was a breathe of fresh air to step away from normal business and explore Minnesota.