Minnesota History Center Wedding Photography | Holly & Steve | Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

On a beautiful windy September day, Holly and Steve decided to get married at the Minnesota History Center in downtown St. Paul! They are one of the most fun and easygoing couples I have had the joy to serve. We started their day at Kellogg Mall Park for their first look. Steve was quick to show off his bright green shoelaces, excitingly telling us that he has a shoe lace guy in Canada. (Yeah he has connections, message me if you need any assortment of colored shoelaces and I will see what I can do!) Holly was dolled up in a simple sweetheart dress and white flowers in her hair. It was a perfect representation of her spirit, simply elegant and sweet. All morning Holly and Steve were bubbling with energy for their wedding day! It was finally here; it is a cool feeling seeing everything you have been planning actually happen!

They surrounded themselves with loved ones from all stages of life from all over the country. (Their guestbook was a map of the US with hearts over where they had lived! It was so fitting for their two adventure buddies.) As Holly walked down the aisle with her mother and father, she smiled around excited to see so many people come together for them.  As they said their vows Steve had Holly laughing and crying along with everyone else attending! 

Steve's father has a tradition of singing with a group at wedding reception. The halls of the History Center echoed with the beautiful, funny song and laughter because the lyrics were pretty great!

The maid of honors speech was filled with advice of kids some simple and some surprisingly mature for their age.
The whole day was beautiful, but nothing was more beautiful than the love shared between Holly and Steve. I hope their life together only grows in love and they never loose the laughter in between them.
They finished the night storming the dance floor, partying with their friends with the Minnesota State Capital glowing bright in the large picture window.

The best part of an amazing wedding day?? - Holly and Steve couldn't stop laughing and smiling with each other. It was simply the best. <3