Easter Sunday | Family Life

Easter has always been a big holiday because it celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In my mother's photo book is a picture of all of my sisters and me in matching white frilly dresses with each of us standing by age and height. To this day it is still one of my favorite photos because we look ridiculous, adorable but ridiculous. And someday I will torture my children with the same tradition.

I am so grateful that I am able to spend Easter with my with my wonderful family. Now that I am living out of the Waits household, every major holiday I am picked to make a part of the lunch meal. Due to lack of ingredients in my fridge (I know, I'm crushing this adult adulting thing) this year I went with a staple: cupcakes!! The eggs I used for the batter were a gift from a coworker's aunt's chickens in woodbury. It got me thinking, I think I would like raising chickens. Someday ;).


 I had found the cutest Easter cupcake idea on pinterest, which involved Peeps. I have never been a fan of Peeps personally, but my family's taste buds have always been a little shifted from my own. After convincing Marcus that my whole family loves peeps, I was sorely disappointed to find out that no one in my family likes peeps. Everyone was eyeing my cupcakes wearly; my family finally dove in after I let it be known no one had to eat the peeps on my cupcakes. It was my cupcake fail, but they looked and tasted great. ;)

Happy Easter!