Sam Hurd Workshop MSP

I found Sam Hurd Photography on Facebook and instantly feel in love with his abnormal touches he left in his photographs.  I eagerly purchased and used my first prism in my photography with his influence. (My prism work is spotted through my instagram @mwaits10) 

Sam's work it truly ona a scope and field all on its own. After admiring his craftsmanship for quiet some time, a couple of weeks ago " SAM HURD WORKSHOP IN MINNEAPOLIS " start to pop up in my Facebook news feed. After looking into other workshops, I felt this one to be completely affordable and it took the plunge and booked myself a seat. 

I took the day off my weekday job and went. The whole morning my stomach was in knots; I didn't know what to expect with this being my first in person workshop. I made sure to get there a little early and ended up being the first one there. It took place in a local studio with a blonde french bulldog named John Luke who greeted everyone at the door and anyone with food in their hand. 

Sam came in wearing gryffindor quidditch with disheveled hair and a laid back personality. The whole day was not what I expected. Sam shared how he did things and was very matter-of-fact. Don't get me wrong, He was a good instructor. After listening to workshops from woman who put not only their facts but also their heart for their students to take in and absorb, it was a little disappointing for me not to get any true heart of who Sam was as a person. But I think that is just showcasing the difference between men and woman. 

I think Sam's greatest strength is his endless burning curiosity. It was through his curiosity that he has tried so many years techniques that makes his work unique. The workshop was a great message to never stop trying something different. The aspect I will take away the most is the style of portraits. I loved it and immediately went home and tried it on my husband. 

I am grateful having been able to see first hand Sam craft his magic in his photography.