What to Wear to Your Engagement Shoot

I have previously written 3 Ways to ROCK Your Engagement Shoot! here on the blog. Check it out for further tips to prepare you and your fiancé for your engagement shoot.
A common question to ask yourself before an engagement session is: "What should I wear?" To answer that I have written out a outline of things that your clothes should fit to make it a little easier to choose!
My MW couples can expect an average engagement session to last 1 to 1.5 hrs on average.  In that time plan on having two outfits. A clothing change eats into your overall shoot time, which in turn eats into valuable sunlight hours; changing into a different outfit takes up to 15- 20 minutes on average. Limiting the amount of changes gets you more time in your session, which gives you more photos!

Dress in something that makes you comfortable and confident!  You can visually see when someone is wearing something that it comfortable and likewise see when it's uncomfortable. The goal of your engagement session is to enjoy time with your love not be worrying about what you're wearing. Make sure that shirt you have kept a hold on to that hugs you in the wrong way stays at home.

When picking out your outfits keep your shoot location in mind. Dressing according to your location will help to choose clothes that carries on the photo story of  the day.  An example of this would be both of you wear cowboy attire in the middle of the city. Those two ideas clash and distracts.  You want to stand out from your background but not so much so that it takes away from your love story.  Keep the colors and patterns your style but subtle.  You want your love to pop in the photos not being drowned out by overly bright colors and patterns. Thinking of you location will also help which shoes to take. Nothing is more trying than walking through grass in your gorgeous stiletto heels! If you want to shoot in fields, grassy areas, or hike over rocks bring an extra pair of shoes to get to point A and B then change when you get there. This way you can still have picture perfect shoes in your photos.   

Hair and makeup tip: Try out your hair and makeup for your wedding at your engagement session.  This extra step will enable you to see the makeup and hair stylist skill at achieving your vision as well as seeing how well it photographs!