Ritter Farm Park Couples Photography| Bethany & Josh | Lakeville Couple Photographer

Spring felt like it was finally here in Minnesota and I was able to enjoy a little of it this past weekend with Bethany and Josh! We shot a couples session to document this moment in their relationship.

Josh and Bethany first meet playing volleyball together. At the time they were dating other people so just friendship blossomed. As circumstances changed and both of their relationship status moved to single, Josh started to pursue Bethany. Bethany wasn't really sure at first but they still kept hanging out which Josh took as a good sign! It was too long after that they made it official!

Just a couple of weeks ago they celebrated their 2 year anniversary of dating! 

Besides competitive volleyball they also enjoy time together watching their way through Parks & Rec! (Also one of my favorites!) Favorite episode we all agreed happened in season 3 when everyone got the flu. 

For their session we meet at Ritter Farm Park in Lakeville, Minnesota! When I had been there previously everything was snow covered. This week here in Minnesota all the snow melted away and melted quickly. So when we got there we were greeted by flooded walkways. The water was literally up past my ankles in some spots! Bethany and Josh were such troopers as we made our way through all the brush just to make these photos happen! And I think it was totally worth it because LOOK AT THESE PICTURES! We had so much fun catching up and capturing these beauties along the way! 

 Please enjoy their couples session below!