What I am Obsessed With Right NOW! | Personal

I have not done a personal blog post in a LONG time. 

It has been so busy with wedding and engagements I am just so pumped to share my amazing couples with you that I some times get put on the back burner. 

I just wanted to take this time to share with you some thing that I have found the last couple of years that just WORK. I am always really excited to find something that fills a need or a want  and it actually lives up to the hype . It frustrates me when I spend money on something that falls short. So here are a list of everyday things I have found that changed my life! 

The Wet Brush - This is a simple hair brush. Now I know what you are thinking “Molly, did this really change your life??” And the answer is YES. I have always had thick hair on my head and majority of my life I have kept my hair style long. When I was a kid I have vivid memories of my Grandma Gertie brushing my hair while I sat there crying from the pain. That is not something that just leaves you. You know those circular hairbrushes? (Aka torture devices) Yeah, I had one day in my childhood where one had to be CUT out of one of my siblings hair. So a couple of years ago, my boss of all people told me that he found this brush for his daughters hair that works wonders. I went to my local target and bought one to give it a try. It is simple the most painless hairbrush I have ever used in my life. I will never buy a different brush again. You can use it with wet or dry hair and it will guild right through. It is a miracle worker.


Lipsense Lipstick - I have NEVER found a lipstick that lasted all day; I always had hopes of wearing the perfect color, looking glamorous but coming up short when I had to reapply what felt like every hour. I never wore lipstick because I felt like it was a waist of time and effort always wondering if it needs to be reapplied. Then along comes Lipsense. It was a friends recommendation and after seeing videos I gave it a try and fell in love….HARD. I bought several colors and all of them last ALL day long. I often look to see if I can find the colors I want for cheap since this is one of those things that consultants sell. But if you go on Facebook or Ebay you can find some for a good price. Colors I love - Mulled Wine, Redblue, and roseberry. No, I do not sell this product. I just am really excited I actually found something that works.

Eyesense Eyeshadow- This product is ALSO by the same company as lipsense. It stays on my eyes without any kind of primer and that is after running around sweating up a storm on an 8 hour wedding day. So in my book it is literally liquid gold.


Bzees Shoes - I found a pair of shoes on sale at DSW and my life has never been the same. They are called Bzees. Extremely light weight shoes that give me support and gives me the opportunity to focus on everything else BUT my feet. After 8 to 9 hour wedding days my feet are feeling great which in the wedding industry is like finding a magical unicorn and calling it Whinny. My very first wedding after college for my internship I wore a pair of dress flats that were well used and loved. After documenting a beautiful wedding, my feet were literally bleeding. I walked barefoot in the stress of Minneapolis to go catch my ride. I never again will abuse my poor feet that way. After finding this unicorn of a shoe wear, it didn’t take long until I ordered 3 other pair from this brand all different kinds and I am still in love. I found one pair of wedges and now I can have some height on wedding days which is a first in my life.


I borrowed images off of google. I in no way own them and I am not being paid for this post. I just wanted to spread the good news that there are things out there that work! Enjoy

Minnesota Arboretum Adventure | Arboretum Photography | Personal

One of my goals for this year is to go somewhere new or go somewhere just because I want to at least once a month.

I was sad that I lived in such a beautiful state and haven't taken the time to really explore and enjoy it which is so silly since i have lived here my whole life. So I am making that change. 

Marcus decided to join me and we made our way to Minnesota Arboretum. When we got in we found parking right away but from there were a little lost. We circled around the entrance twice before hoping back into the car and driving the 3 mile drive because we really didn't know where else to go! We were pleasantly surprised that this was the trail we were supposed to go on in the first place! We stopped at all the spots that looked interesting. They had sculpture gardens, Hedge Maze, Flower Gardens. Our favorite was the Hedge Maze. We took time to go through and we both agreed that this course would be a blast at night with a version of Tag for adults. 

All in all it was a fun time to get out of the house and go see something new! I have to say that I understand they put a lot of time and effort into this Arboretum and it really shows,buuuutttt for $15 per adult I don't think I will be back. I am a sucker for any place free so I will have to enjoy the Minneapolis Sculpture Gardens and Como Conservatory instead!

Family Update | My Sister Summer and Nephew Benjamin After the Accident

My sister Summer and her baby boy Benjamin were in a pretty severe car accident a couple of weeks ago. Summer was T-boned with the other car going about 75 miles per hour. It was a pretty scary day for my family as we rushed to the hospital on hearing the news. It is not really a message you ever want to receive and I honestly can't focus on what COULD have happened because it brings me to tears every time. No need to think on it because God decided to let Summer and Baby come away from the accident alive. Although Benjamin is a little more crabby in his new car seat, he was otherwise miraculously unharmed in the crash. Summer didn't make it out as well. She was cut out of the car and rushed to the hospital with cuts, bruises, a concussion, and a broken pelvis. The last couple of weeks have been forced time to rest and contemplate. With the help of her physical therapist she is walking with the help of a walker. Last week she got the great news that she healing nicely and will not need surgery for her hip. Praise the Lord!  Summer is still at the point in healing where she can't pick Benjamin up on her own, so our family is trying to fill in as baby movers and caretakers.  

If you can, please keep Summer's healing in your prayers. Court hearings start next week and Summer is still not sure if she will physically go or not. It is weighing heavily on her heart.  Thank you to all who have already sent words of prayer, love, and encouragement to my family.  They have been a blessing at this time.  

You can read about the incident here: