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Lebanon Park Engagement Photography | Chelsey & Steve | Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

They met in middle school at Falcon ridge. They always made it a point to sign each others year books. Having taken a lot of classes together they knew each other but then they differed apart of a couple of years. Steve noticed Chelsey's smile the most because she was always wearing it. They had seen each other a ways at a foot ball game and Chelsey had waved but Steve didn't go over to say hi and immediately regretted it after the fact. So when fate brought them to the same bar a while later Steve was not going to give up his chance to say hi this time! it was not too long after that that they were dating!! 

Then on a hill in redwing Steve wrapped his arms around Chelsey and they just cuddled there.  as he held her he knew this was the future he wanted. Chelsey then heard a snapping sound of a ring box closing as Steve placed the ring in her hand and as they hugged there he asked her to marry him! 
So that brings us to this shoot! We went to one of their favorite hiking spots at Lebanon Hills Park! It was a hot day and the sun was being my best friend! As we enjoyed each others company we also experienced some wild life: Geese, I GIANT turkey, and a deer. It was quiet the little adventure! The will be getting married this winter not two far from where we shot these! 

Enjoy their engagement session!

Fort Snelling Engagement Photography | Alyssa & Adam | Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

Adam and Alyssa both work at a resort in northern Minnesota. The first meet as they were working at the resort; Alyssa really had a crush on him first but nothing happened until Adam took a different position in business and that's when they started to become friends.  Building on their friendship they started to grow closer and closer until they decided to start to date.

Last January, they decided to escape the minnesota harsh winter and headed to Arizona to visit family out there. Unfortunately they encountered a colder Arizona with plenty of snow and it ended up being warmer in MN the week they were gone! While they were there toward the end of their trip Alyssa had lost hope of him proposing because she thought "he would have already done it by now". As they went on a hike to enjoy their remaining vacation, Alyssa started to worry they were lost! She took out her map and start to try and figure out where they had ended up on the trail. While she was busy working on making sure they didn't die in the vast Arizona wilderness, Adam sneakily set up a camera and video to capture the coming moments.  Now Adam announced it was time for a photo because they had hardly taken any on their trip. After a couple of attempts that "weren't good enough" Adam told Alyssa that they were going to do one more. Setting the camera on a timer Adam hurried back to Alyssa's side and as they waited for the camera to click Adam got down on one knee and asked Alyssa to marry him. She said YES!

Their engagement session took place on the trails of Minnesota's Fort Snelling with their little pup Nova. Nova was sure to pose for us when we were motivating her the whole time with Cheeros! WIth the help of Alyssa's sister Angie, we had a great time shooting in beautiful 40's weather which is unseasonably warm for this time of year! While they were holding the bag of cheero's Alyssa kept saying how much she felt like she looked like a mom. I (along with Adam and Alyssa) are super excited for their fall wedding later this year!

Stone Arch Bridge Engagement Photography | Holly & Steve | MW Photography Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

We started off a little earlier than planned, because the whole day the weather had me on edge. Holly and Steve were up for anything and graciously let us start a couple minutes early. They had just flown in from their home in Utah and had been at Happy Hour with friends....for the last several hours! 

As we started it was clear that the biggest problem was that Holly could not STOP SMILING, which is absolutely not a problem at all.  We enjoyed our Friday night out on the Stone Arch Bridge with what turned out to be a beautiful sun set! Steve made one promise to Holly that day, he had to at least give 25% non goofy photos. With Steve cracking jokes and constantly making Holly laugh, I loved how their session turned out and I think the goofiness really made their engagement session fun! As you see from the photos we had a pretty good time all around.

Steve filled Holly's messages with goofy words to the point where she thought why not and gave them a chance at a first date.  It wasn't until after they booked the second date that Holly started to get nervous because she realized she was really starting to like this guy. As their relationship progressed these two have moved all over the US staying together!  

Now they live in Oregon and as they decided to get married the designed Holly's ring with family stones! After a little trial and error they finally decided on this beautiful ring that is literally one of a kind. After the ring was done it did not take long for Steve to propose! It was a day that was jam packed with activity and they finally got home. Even though both of them were pretty wiped out, Steve suggested they go for a run on the trail behind their house. Since Steve does not normally suggest running, it took a little convincing but they started on their run. Filled with a couple of beers, Steve didn't get too far due to a stitch in his side. When they stopped to a breather, Steve took the ring out of his pocket and proposed. 

Their wedding will take place this fall in September at the Minnesota History Center and I could not be more excited!