Minnesota State Fair | Personal

It is no secret that I love the Minnesota State Fair; it holds a love in my heart. A lot of the things in my life that I love are thanks to my Grandma Gertie.  Her love for events like the state fair was so infectious that it is still strong in my family today. Last year I told you the top 3 fair food musts, this year I wanted to tell you some new things I experienced .  


This was the first year that my first nephew came to the state fair. Now I know what your think, " Molly isn't he only 3 weeks old?!" Why, yes, he is and he was passed out for majority of it from all the excitement; he handled like a champ.
The weather this year is hitting Minnesota Records as the coolest state fair with temperatures only reaching mid 70's. It is a weird experience where I am not dieing of heat by the end of the afternoon, but I have to say it was a nice experience. I highly doubt it will ever happen again, but still a new one for me.
The days I went this year were slower days causing there to be not as many people, which made the next thing a lot easier. My mom recently has been having big issues with her knee, so this year she walked for the first two hours and then rented a wheel chair. The only reason she didn't get the scooter is because of the price. ( half day wheelchair $20 | Scooter Half day $40/full day $60) I had a lot of fun rolling my mom around; people generally tried to stay out of our way so they didn't get cut down by the extended feet. There were only two casualties, which I think made for a very successful venture.


Marcus and I have one more day planned for the our state fair 2017. That is one of my favorite parts about the Minnesota State Fair, I can go multiple times and do something different every time. This year they have a new Cricket Ferris Wheel; that is my last thing I am going to try this year! I might have to force Marcus it since he is afraid of heights. I will keep you updated.