Personalized Stemless Wine Cup | Bridesmaids Gift Boutique | Product Review

Hey Brides! So you know in the morning of your wedding day you are excited and sipping on your mimosa surround by your best friends while you get dolled up and glamorous for your WEDDING DAY!

Wedding days are magnets for things going wrong even for the most proactive brides, but you spilling any party drinks doesn't have to be one of them! I was sent these cute personalized stemless wine cup by Bridesmaids Gift Boutique because they wanted to get the word out about this adorable gift for your girls.

Personalized Stemless Wine Cups

First off these cups are super cute. I love the black and rose gold color scheme which I think has a fun modern feel. But they have a couple of other colors available on their site if you want to represent your wedding colors. If you want to gift it to your Bride tribe for the day of, you can choose an option of your girls initials or their full name!

I am a drink spiller. No matter how hard I try it is deeply engraved into who I am. This cup has a lid and straw which makes my spills not end up all over my outfit, which is a huge bonus.

Bridesmaids Gift Boutique Cup Review

The label raves it keeps things hot for 3 hours and cold for 9 hours. I tested both and this is what I found out! It keep the hot liquids hot and the cold liquids cold for hours!

This cup will be a cute wedding day gift for any bride and bridesmaids looking to have a good time in the mornings or even the reception!

Rush Creek Golf Course | Kelley & Tony | Maple Grove Wedding Photographer

Kelley and Tony got ready for their wedding day at Rush Creek Golf Course in Maple Grove Minnesota. I got to capture these two along side Gina Zeidler and her awesome couple! Kelley and Tony were getting ready surrounded by their loved ones and that 100% included their fur babies Piper and Hops! Both of their dogs were just LOVING the attention all day. Once Kelley and Tony were all dolled up they had their first look on the staircase, which personally was my favorite party Tony’s heart was so open to seeing his bride on their wedding day. He wasn’t the only one tearing up in the room!
Although it was a colder Minnesota January Wedding, everyone was a trouper being willing to head outside on a cold but sunny day! And the photos reflect the same!

The whole day was beautiful and I loved being a small part of this couple’s wedding day!
Please enjoy their wedding..

I Got My Photos Taken By A Stranger & This Is What I Learned | Castle Rock, Sedona

Marcus and I had planned our trip out West to AZ for Christmas with his family! It was a well needed vacation and long story short I ended up getting my heart set on Marcus & I getting our photos taken while we were there on a day that was just us two. We decided on Castle Rock in Sedona Arizona. It looked instagram worthy enough to give a try! As a photographer who asks people to do this all the time this is what I found out from my experience:

1) Short Notice. The original photographer we were going to be working with backed down last minute so it was 2 to 3 weeks before the day we wanted to shoot when I started looking for photographers in Phoenix/Sedona to capture the look I really wanted for Marcus and I. I was scrolling on Instagram for ...I'll admit hours searching for the right one. It being right in between holidays I got rejection email after rejection email from at least 7-8 different photographers before finding one that was open and available the day we needed. The rejection was real! I felt so bad for my brides who have to go through this type of thing!


2) Trying to find something to wear is a pain. I never really felt the weight of worrying of what to wear to a photoshoot until this moment. I have tried giving my brides helpful tips and things to do and just encouraging them to feel themselves. When it came to finding outfits for my shoot. I was SO nervous because I just wanted to look like a stinking magic fairy! Not quiet but I wanted it to look amazing, which was harder on my nerves. I knew we would be hiking so I wanted to get something casual and easy to hike in. That was the first outfit. I had a dress I got for our Anniversary Dinner which I thought was magical; that dress I was super excited about. ( lulu's maroon Maxi dress that made me feel like a princess )

Dressing Marcus was easy. I ended up getting a sweater for the shoot and a blue leather jacket for the dress. But the anxiety of finding the clothes that was JUST RIGHT was REAL!

Girls, I feel you.


3) Nervous first date vibes before the shoot. I have not been on a first date in a long time. I have gladly been happily taken with Marcus for many years. BUT in my own business I meet with couple all the time on coffee dates and I always refer to them as first dates. We are just getting to know each other and the same kind of worry crept in to our photo session. I didn’t know if we would like the photographer or if it would be just awkward the whole time. It had me more nervous because I just wanted it to go well and end up with photos I loved?! That is a rational request right? SO the whole day of hours leading up to our shoot I was nervous.


4) It is like being on a date with your other half. My favorite part of the shoot was just joking around with Marcus, while our photographer Abby took photos. I was really surprised how much I actually enjoyed all the nervous being taken away because I had only eyes for Marcus. He just made this time together in a new place feel fun.


5) I'm out of shape it it was worth it. Holy Moly I was most excited for the photos at the TOP of Castle Rock. In our emails our photographer said there would be a bit of a hike, which I thought would be easy peasy! NOPE ! Marcus and I just proved how out of shape we were as we hiked a very steep rock to the top. I felt so bad for dragging the poor photographer down by a lot but I am glad we did it. No matter how huffy puffy we were. The top of Castle Rock was just breathe taking. We were able to spend a very windy time up there and enjoy the sunset. The Lord provided such a beautiful sunset for us it made all the hiking worth it.


6) The waiting game is strong. So after we made it back down the giant rock, our photographer gave us a time frame of 1 to 2 weeks to get our photos back. ……… I heard that I promise. I will be 100% honest in saying I checked my email about 5 -6 times a day for 2 weeks. Was it very productive? No. Was I being very impatient? Yes, yes I was. Waiting was SO hard. It made me understand how important little things I do in my business to try to lessen this blow for wait time for my couples!


7) Finally getting your photos. I followed my own rules and waited to look at them with Marcus. We sat in our bed and went through them on the tablet. Some of the photos were exactly what I was hoping we would get. I love seeing Marcus smiling face and having a new background on my phone and posting all over the place. Over all I am really glad we were able to have this experience together.

I finally feel like I understand a good much better what my couples go through when they are in the process of book me. It gave my a complete different perspective being on the other side of the camera lens!


All Photos on this personal post were shot by Abby Quaranta Photography