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Minnehaha Falls Park Engagement Photography | Nikki & Devon | Minneapolis Engagement Photographer

Nikki & Devon met through a set up through Nicole’s sister and her husband. Devon is friends from church and they all thought they might hit it off, so they invited both if them over for a game night at their house.

Both introverts, they let her sister and brother do most of the talking that night. It took about a month after that awkward game night until Devon got Nikki’s number. He said the procrastination got the better of him. As they were just leaving from a dinner meal (Nikki was inwardly bummed he hadn’t asked for it yet) he finally asked for it in the parking lot. From there they decided to have an official first date without the audience. They decided to head to Minnehaha Falls Park, it was somewhere they could both just relax and talk. They made there way on the back trails and came across a little beach neither of them had known about before this date. Devon trying to make casual conversation brought up that his dad’s side had red hair too. Nikki interpreted it as him suggesting that their kids would also have red hair. They laughed about it now when they told me this story on our way to their beach on their engagement shoot.

Originally Devon planned to propose at their first date spot on that same beach but the Lord had other plans. The day he was going to do it Minnesota dumped a bunch of snow making it impossibly difficult to get to their destination . Devon switched his plans and he told Nicole that they were going to go to dinner at some where very exclusive . Nicole was a bit confused but thought they might be going out to celebrate her birthday which was the night before. Well it is extremely exclusive, Devon had made dinner for them at his house with candles and the good silverware. Before any meals where touched, Devon got down on one knee and proposed to Nicole. She said yes!

For the engagement session we went back to their favorite beach and enjoyed exploring Minnnehaha Falls Park together! We were so blessed that the rain held off as we walked through some of the muddier trails. It was a beautiful spring evening as everything in Minnesota right now is starting to bud and green. When the sun started to grace us with its presence I couldn’t help but get excited!

Nikki and Devon are excited to be celebrating their love surrounded by friends and family later this summer. Please enjoy some of their photos from their engagement session!

Van Dusen Mansion Wedding Photography | Carlee & Brian | Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

One of my favorite locations from last summer was at the Van dusen Mansion in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I had the pleasure of shooting with Gina Zeidler for Carlee and Brian wedding day!

The day was sunny and shining reflecting the attitudes and joy of this bride and groom! The girls got ready in the upper rooms of this stunning victorian style mansion, while the boys relaxed downstairs with the tv running and the pool table entertaining. The bride sent us down to deliver her gift to her groom and oh my goodness it was more of 18 gifts. I loved what Carlee did, all the gifts that she gave him were a nod to one moment or the other in their relationship, giving brian a walk down memory lane right before his walk down the aisle. So ROMANTIC! With all the finishing touches and slipped into her Kate Spade Shoes she had her first first look with the man she grew up loving, her dad. He just entranced with her bridal beauty and it was so precious to witness them seeing each other for the first time that day.

From there we ventured down stairs and out to the front to have a second first look with her groom. When he turned they were adorably giddy and just captivated by each other. From there we jumped on the party bus to do some more photos downtown Minneapolis. The views with the minneapolis bridge in the background are some of my favorites from the day.

When we got back Carlee had one more surprise up her sleeve, She added an attached ballgown to her dress.

The ceremony took place in the courtyard outside while surrounded by friends and family.

After the I do's was followed by party all night and a cigar bar for all!

Please enjoy Carlee and brian's beautiful Van Dusen Mansion wedding.

Bearpath Wedding Photography | Hannah & Brandon

Hannah and Brandon's Bearpath wedding was under Electric Lime Photography; she graciously had me along side her to second shoot this fun/loving couple.

70's, sunny, and with a warm breeze going all day made it the perfect day for a wedding. The guys were decorated in a black tux with purple bow-ties with the exception of Brandon in his black bow-tie. As Hannah got into her dress, she was just bursting with joyous excitement.

I LOVED how excited Brandon was to marry Hannah. He couldn't get a smile off of his face even when he tried! Hannah loves the glam so her reception was pretty sparkly!