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My Top Favorite Wedding Venues of 2018

A wedding venue is one of the first things you pick to host your wedding. They book so far out in advance you have to make sure the one that is wrapped around your heart is the one that you can enjoy with your fiance and all your guests! You want to get the low down on some of my favorites from 2018. I give you what I loved about each one, website, and guest count the venue can hold. One of my favorite posts of the year - my favorite Minnesota Wedding Venues that I loved in 2018. Let’s dive right in shall we.

Machine Shop


Website- http://www.machineshopmpls.com/
Address - 300 2nd St SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414

Guest Count- unknown

What I loved - I loved how modern and open this space felt. It had a great space to have the guests spread out on two different floor with a balcony overlook in downtown Minneapolis. Location parking was rough, but I loved how it was still in the twin cites. At this time this venue is unique in the cities and it was fun to shoot it.

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Redeemed Farm

Redeemed Farm Wedding Photography

Website- http://redeemedfarm.org/

Address - 21325 Meadowbrook Ave N, Scandia, MN 55073

Guest count: 175

What I loved: Not only was the couple who owned this venue super excited about sharing it with others, the whole property was just beautifully well kept and maintained. The have cute victorian style couches throughout the property and plenty of places that are picture ready! There are plenty of places to shoot around this secluded property.

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Redeemed Farms Wedding Photography

Pretty Place Chapel


Website - https://campgreenville.org/pretty-place/

Address - 4399 YMCA Camp Road, Cleveland, South Carolina 29635

Guest Count - 350

What I loved: Ok! I am aware that this is not a Minneapolis Wedding Venue, but it is not one I could leave off the list. This one is a ceremony site in the rolling hills of South Carolina. The view will cause your heart to stop because it is so breathtaking. The mountain views are what makes this venue high on my light of one of the most beautiful places I have ever been and ever shot.

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Pretty Place Chapel Wedding Photography

Van Dusen Wedding photography Night

Website: https://www.thevandusenmansion.com/

Address: 1900 Lasalle Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55403

Guest Count: 50 - 200
What I loved: If you know me I am a sucker for mansion homes. I think they are so regal and classy and I just fall in love the the victorian sytle feel of the whole place. The Van Dusen Mansion is not exception. I loved the vibes of this whole minneapolis mansion wedding venue. I greatly enjoyed them also having a courtyard and seperate space for the dancing to take place and also give the guests some room to explore. One of it’s best features are the getting ready rooms on the second floor. It is a beautiful space for the wedding party to get ready and really enjoy the whole day in one spot if they choose too.

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Van Dusen Mansion Wedding Photography


Favorite Minnesota Wedding Venues 2017 | Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

Aria - Venue Style: Urban | Address: 105 North 1st Street, Minneapolis, MN, 55401

I have wanted to shoot at the Aria for a LONG TIME and this year I finally was able too! The main space is high ceilings with chandeliers and a neon sign shines over your dance floor that says "The World Is Yours" in various colors. In the entry hall more chandeliers hanging everywhere and a giant American flag across the wall would make any patriotic heart flutter. There are unique touches all around the venue to give a variety of photos that you wouldn't find anywhere else. The space is big and can hold a large amount of guests but the chandelier lighting gives it a more intimate/ romantic vibe. (Can you tell I love chandeliers?!)

You can see the most recent wedding I shot there here:   http://www.mwphotographymn.com/blog/aria-wedding-photography-minneapolis-wedding-photographer-mw-photography

Minnesota History Center - Venue Style: Urban with a touch of adventure and history | Address: 345 W. Kellogg Blvd, St. Paul, MN 55102

I have gone to the Minnesota History Center growing up and it was a dream to shoot there this year! Not only was the couple AMAZING but the venue was fun especially shooting a main hub in St. Paul. The outdoor space for the ceremony has the backdrop of both the St Paul City Skyline and on the right glows the Cathedral which had this St Paul Girl excitedly shooting the entire time. The inside has a front table that is underneath the hanging giant wooden airplane. And the dance floor in the upper space has the backdrop of the State Capital. I loved everything about this venue. This venue is a dream space for any true St Paul blooded girl for her wedding day!

You can see the most recent wedding I shot there here:     http://www.mwphotographymn.com/blog/minnesota-history-center-wedding-photography-holly-steve-minneapolis-wedding-photographer

Creekside Barn -Venue Style: Rural Barn | Address:  8555 Rushseba Trail, Rush City, MN 55069

After a bit of a drive from the cities, you start to make your way up a winding driveway with a creek on your right. Sun shining through the trees you will finally make your way to an open field with a large barn made of white pine. The venue is newer, has chandeliers and newer amenities. I loved the space and the feel of an updated barn for weddings. The owners enjoy showing off all the beautiful areas to do photos and to have the ceremony. It has several space options for outside ceremonies as well. Favorite part of the place are the rolling hills on the back side of the property. 

You can see the most recent wedding I shot there here:    http://www.mwphotographymn.com/blog/creekside-farm-amanda-scotty-second-shooted-wedding

Camrose Hill Flower Farm  - Venue Style: Rural Barn | Address: 14587 30th St N, Stillwater, MN 55082

Another barn venue that even offers flowers they grew on site! They have a barn option for the ceremony but also two other options outside spaces for an elegant woodsy ceremony. For the reception they have a tent and second barn for dinner and dancing with a twig chandelier that looks amazing running down the center of the top of the main tent . The property has a adorable cottage for the bride to get ready in! I have two cons for this venue that should be considered. 1) only place that has air conditioning is on site is the cottage. Not so great when it is so hot outside. 2) The barn is located in a residential area. They have noise regulations that music has to be done by 10pm. If you are a party group this may put a little damper on things.

You can see the most recent wedding I shot there here:    http://www.mwphotographymn.com/blog/camrose-hill-wedding-photography

Minneapolis Event Center  - Venue Style: urban | Address: 212 2nd St SE Suite 212, Minneapolis, MN 55414

This space felt intimate but also spacious at the same time. They have a fenced patio for the ceremony and on the inside a large room with the dance floor on the side. It has updates to feel modern. This building has 3 separate spaces for weddings so your wedding might not be the only one going on that day.
Loved the wedding on the patio; it gave it almost a garden feel! And those beams in the reception space?! I am there.

You can see the most recent wedding I shot there here:    http://www.mwphotographymn.com/blog/minneapolis-event-center-wedding-photography

Pinstripes - Venue Style: Festive Relaxed  | Address: 3849 Gallagher Dr, Edina, MN 55435

If you LOVE games and want your guests to have an awesome cocktail hour this venue is for YOU. The entire upstairs space has a bowling alley, outdoor fire pit, boccie ball area. The only thing missing was a trampoline room! Located on the other side of the second floor is a ball room space with large windows as the backdrop during the ceremony. This same room turns  over for the reception. During the turn over time all the guests have plenty to enjoy! It felt private but still was easily located in a busy area in Edina. 

You can see the most recent wedding I shot there here:    http://www.mwphotographymn.com/blog/hailey-jared-pinstripes-second-shooter

 McNamara Alumni Center -Venue Style: Industral /artistic  | Address: 200 SE Oak St, Minneapolis, MN 55455

Show your school spirit! The McNamara is located at the University of Minnesota and was by far one of most architecturally unique places I have shot a wedding. Filled to the brim with high ceilings and interesting wall structures and space,  This venue is a beauty and has the space to hold a larger group of guests. 

You can see the most recent wedding I shot there here:    http://www.mwphotographymn.com/blog/mcnara-alumni-center-rachel-alex-second-shooter-wedding