New Member of the Waits Household | Personal

Baby ALERT!!
I became a new Auntie yesterday when this little guy took his first breathe in the world. Marcus and I were rooting for 08/08 but apparently he just was not going to take any part of it and decided to come on 08/09 at 22.2 inches and 8.5lbs. This is Benjamin Winter Waits. He is loves being swaddled and his Mamma Summer. Mom is doing great and we will probably be bringing by coffee or sushi to her room later today. And Yes, he is as soft as he looks. 

Should You Shoot Family Formals Inside The Church or Outside? | For the MW Brides

I remember sitting on my family couch turning page after page of my parents wedding album. I made sure that none of the prints fell loose of there respectable place holders. I was absorbed seeing how young my parents were! (Because for real were my parents not always old?) And as my mom and dad smiled back up at me through the pages i was also able to see my grandparents, aunts and uncles with fewer lines on their smiling faces. Those family photos will always be treasured in our house hold because family is close to my heart. 

Years after your wedding you will be looking back on your own family photos and smiling at all those who were able to attend. So now you are trying to decide where your family photos will be? And I think it comes down to deciding if you want to be more traditional or more modern in your family formals. Let me share with you a couple of pros for both to help you decide.  

Pros for having your family photos outside. The lighting will be more natural and go better throughout your gallery. As a natural light photographer a lot of your photos will already be shot outside. Having your family formals outside will help with the over all flow of your gallery. The lighting will be more beautiful. There will not be any distracting background that your venue will have such as speakers,crosses, all that stuff you cant move off of the stage. It will be a more modern look. 

It will be enough space to host larger families.  



Doing your family portraits inside your venue is more traditional .

Pros to shooting them inside. It will be very similar to the photos that your mom and her mom have in their wedding album. You will have your venue stage show cased in your photos so you can have a little piece in your album other than the ceremony. Inside will be cooler on a hot summer day or shelter from a stormy or winter day. It will be easier for any elderly family member to sit down while they wait and easy to get to.


I personally love the more  modern look of having family formals outside when possible. I think it fits my photographic style more. 


Como Conservatory Portrait Photography | Shattuck

Saturday could not have been a more perfect day; Como Conservatory hummed with activity do to the beautiful sunshine and the celebration of its 100 year anniversary.  Even though it was a little busy, the Shattuck clan did a great job of enjoying the time we were able to shoot in Como's gardens. Having four girl to photograph is easy when they have smiles that literally light up the room. They were such a joy to shoot and looking back while editing still makes me smile with all the giggles that where shared between loved ones.