Do you Offer Albums or Prints?

I do not offer prints, BUT I have started offering wedding albums! Your wedding album will be a 10x10 heirloom highend album you can share with your family for generations to come! It is an A LA Chart option when you choose your wedding collection! I am so excited to share being able to give this option to my couples.

Can My Engagement Shoot Be Exchanged For Something Else?

This is a question I get all the time! I believe that shooting your engagement session with your wedding photographer is so important that I made it complimentary so there was nothing holding you back from saying "Heck yes!" to free photos. The engagement session is basically a free preview for your wedding day!
It is a time where I get to see how you and your fiance interact and work together as a couple that is PRICELESS information for me as we venture to your wedding day! Not only is this session a benefit for me it is for you too! Through your engagement session you get to see how I shoot and how your photos might look for your wedding day! It also benefits that on the wedding day you are being followed around by a friend rather than a stranger with a camera!  
That being all said, your engagements session although complimentary cannot be exchanged for anything else. (Hours, a free shoot other than an engagement shoot before or after the wedding, free prints, ect.) 

How Many Photos Will I Get For My Wedding Day?

I average about 80 -100 photos per hour on a given day! It will be no surprise that I can get a little button happy. (occupational hazard) But EVERY wedding is different! The amount of photos depends heavily on how your day rolls out. ( Having a dance reception, having a bridal party, ect. ) I would say on average of a typical 8 hour wedding day you will receive 600 images. 

Can I Only Book My Engagement Session?

I welcome  all engagement shoots, even if you do not want to book your wedding through me! 

Yes, I do. Let's do it.
I LOVE to travel! And I have traveled for several weddings out of state - New York, South Carolina, Wisconsin - to name a few.  There are a couple of things that you would cover in addition to booking amount - Airfare, rental car, and lodging.  I will find the cheapest ones possible to make your life easier and have you pre-approval all purchases!  

Do You shoot Destination Weddings?

MW are my initials from my maiden name! M for Molly and W for Waits! I started my photography business before I was married and I wanted to keep it as a node to the girl who started this crazy photography adventure! 

What Does "MW" stand for?

Do You Shoot Families?

As of right now I am putting all my heart into shooting only Engagements and Weddings. It is what I specialize in and have gained all my knowledge on making my brides have a better wedding experience! If you would like these services done, I have a good handful of recommended photographers that will be a better fit in capturing your family! Just reach out and ASK!

My photography style is just documenting you having fun with the love of your life. I try to get photos that are fun but also mix in a couple of romantic vibes in there (As you can see through my other pages!) For other photographer. - Lifestyle & Documentary

How Would You Describe Your Style?

I am foremost a photographer, I am the photo taking expert. So for my style of editing I color correct your images and crop. It is not my style to edit my couples bodies because I believe they are beautiful just the way they are. So, any further editing requested after the color correction and crop, they will be out sourced to a professional editing company and an additional invoice will be sent to you to cover these extensive edits.

How Intense Is Your Editing On Delivered Images?

I have been photographing my whole life! I remember my first cameras that were given to me when I was a child.

I didn’t know where I wanted to really go with it until after college I interned for a wedding photographer in the Twin Cities and that was when I found my true love for wedding photography. I have been chasing this love ever since.

How Long Have You Been Into Photography?

What Type of Flower Is Your Logo?

My logo is a honeysuckle flower! Honeysuckles often symbolize a devote love towards another person. It also symbolizes happiness.