Hello! I am Molly Sanchez, a Twin Cities photographer in the beautiful state of Minnesota. I take pride in my photography more than I take pride in my amazing noodle dish making skills. My husband thinks that noodles should only be called pasta, so naturally this is an ongoing debate in our household. I have fallen in love with capturing the love between my couples. Photography is an art that I find can be truly beautiful and that can be held on to for a lifetime together. The love of photography rubbed off on me from my dad who was also a wedding photographer when I was growing up. Now I am able to enjoy the experience for myself and all the amazing craziness that goes on during the wedding day.

Fun Facts About Me: I am a coffee person! In the morning, afternoon, or evening, I drink coffee all day long. So, if you see my hands shaking it is most likely a mixture of caffeine and excitement. I married my adventure partner in October of 2014!! Marcus is the man that God knew I needed, and Marcus constantly supports me through my constant cat videos, and playing Taylor Swift on repeat. We both love watching movies. We have two cats, Pepper and Willow. You will see them from time to time on my Instagram. They are both cuddle bugs, which is all I ever wanted as a kid growing up.